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Festive wire lanyard features
Jul 24, 2018

The characteristic of the wire lanyard is that the ink is firmly adhered to the surface of the webbing and does not penetrate into the webbing. Screen printing can not only print in monochrome, but also multi-color or dot-grading. The more colors printed, the higher the cost. At present, the width of popular silk screen lanyards at home and abroad is 2.0cm wide, and some prefer a small size that will use 1.5cm width. Due to the limitation of the silk screen printing process, the silk screen pattern cannot be printed on the edge, and it is required to have 2 mm blanks on both sides of the webbing, and the width of the silk screen pattern is smaller than the width of the webbing. The usual webbing circumference is 90 cm long (the webbing is 45 cm long after folding).

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