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How to choose the color of the ID lanyard?
Nov 30, 2018

The lanyard is a universal access control identification product in our modern work. With the emergence of various electronic products, various styles of lanyards have also prospered with the development of electronic products. In our lives, lanyards are not only accessories. Supplies, but also a reflection of the corporate image of the work, the certificate lanyard is usually printed with the manufacturer's logo and pattern text.

The lanyards of the documents as collective activities must be strictly unified, which will facilitate our differentiation and identification.

    1, there are VIs of their own company (image color and LOGO and other appearance standards): Many companies have their own image standard colors, such as the green color of the Agricultural Bank, the southern power grid is dark blue, China Unicom is Dahong, etc. In this way, the background color of the rope naturally uses its own standard color. If you want to make a lanyard in strict accordance with your own VI image color, it is recommended to use the thermal transfer process.

    2, only the company's LOGO and name, and did not determine the image color, if the LOGO is color, it is recommended to choose a background color with the LOGO and text color is not contrast (same or close) to highlight the LOGO, of course, also encountered Some companies say that we like LOGO is not obvious, what is needed is the looming effect.

    3, for the meeting: If it is a large-scale meeting, the number of people, such as the Asian Boao discussion, etc., can be divided into several categories of color. The people who spoke on the same stage were one color, the media people were one color, the foreign guests were one color, the staff members were one color, the other people were one color, and so on.

    4, promotional purposes: some units engage in large-scale promotional activities will advertise on the lanyard, and now the staff and guests wear or as a small gift. These ropes must be bright and eye-catching, such as "yellow, orange, fluorescent green, red, etc." You can see it at a glance.

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