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The price of the lanyard is related to the style and quantity.
Nov 29, 2018

Small things depend on the specific nature and workmanship, such as the lanyard of documents, relatively small pieces, and the price is not expensive, it is very practical and affordable. However, the price of the document lanyard should be determined by combining a lot of information.

The width and order quantity of the lanyard will affect the specific price of the lanyard. The more the quantity, the more favorable the price is. The thermal transfer work permit lanyard, many times, there must be ordering requirements, that is, in quantity. Generally, it starts from 100. When a certain amount is reached, certain discounts will be taken. The style and width of the lanyard also take into account the quality of the material and the amount of consumables. These conditions are all factors that affect the specific price of the lanyard. There is a great direct relationship with these factors.

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