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What are the uses of lanyards?
Nov 30, 2018

  We all know that the rope has always played a small role in people's lives. It seems to be a pediatrics, but it can't be separated from her when she uses it. So what role does the rope generally play in our lives?

    First, the work permit hangs. This is a good understanding, the company of the scale needs to wear the company card ID. Putting your company's LOGO on the rope, it has the effect of advertising, and it is very helpful to enhance the overall image of the company!

    Second, the kettle belt. People often sell kettles on the market that will carry a neckband or a wristband for people to carry. Another usage may have not been seen, that is, a disposable mineral water bottle can also be equipped with a mineral water bottle belt. This belt has a uniform caliber. As long as the caliber size is the same, all the mineral water bottles can be loaded and used. Next, it will be very convenient to use it again next time.

    Third, the gift wrap. This kind of usage is undoubtedly very common. Some cake boxes are outsourced with this colorful ribbon, and the LOGO name of the product is printed on it! Stylish!

    Fourth, laces. In addition to the traditional ball laces, some young boys and girls nowadays like the colorful laces, and there are patterns, it is best to have two different laces. We can meet their requirements as required!

    Some people use lanyards to hang cameras, small appliances, keychains, etc. In short, lanyards are used in many ways.

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