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Classification Of Lanyards And Wearing Of Mobile Lanyards
Nov 22, 2018

What is the lanyard that is often seen in life? The lanyard belongs to the category of textile accessories. It can be divided into long lanyard and hand-wound rope according to the length. The hand-wound rope is held on the hand, and the length is generally between 12.5--18cm. The hand strap is generally used for U disk, radio, MP4, flashlight, toys, etc. The long lanyard is as long as it can be hung around the neck. The length of the lanyard is generally between 40 and 45 CM. This kind of long lanyard is often used as a lanyard for documents, lanyards for labels, lanyards for exhibitions, etc. These items need to be hung around the neck, so long lanyards are needed.


For the long lanyard, we must first know the specifications of the lanyard, that is, the length and width. Next is the material of the lanyard, and then what accessories are used, and finally the printing is not required. If you need to print LOGO, you must determine the pattern, color and other styles of the logo. Generally speaking, according to different materials, it can be divided into nylon lanyard, cotton lanyard and polyester lanyard. Pp lanyard and so on.


For short lanyards, that is, hand-wound ropes, the length is generally determined. These lanyards are generally used on small items in life, such as mini-audio, mobile phones, flashlights, ball-point pens, etc. These items usually have a hole on the top to facilitate the wearing of the lanyard. How to wear the lanyard of the mobile phone. Since the material of the lanyard is soft and cannot pass through the small hole, it cannot be lanyard. Above the mobile phone, there will be a small hole above the earpiece. Put the thin side of the lanyard into the small hole and then pass the lanyard wide end from the middle of the string, then tighten the lanyard to hang it. The neck is up. Wear a hard plastic line that can be labeled with that type of clothing. Specifically, first lift the lanyard with a plastic wire (that is, through the lanyard), and then pull the two ends of the plastic wire together through the hole of the mobile phone.

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