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Production Of Silicone Keychains Often Encountered Problems
Jan 07, 2019

1. Soft rubber key ring thickness is uneven

There are a lot of factories that do not control the thickness of the PVC keychain when it is not well-made. Usually the problem is on the bottom material. When the primer is used, the thickness should be controlled. Manually adding the primer, the thickness is not easy to control. This kind of product is produced by the dispenser. The production speed is relatively fast and the thickness control of the product is better.

2. The white area of the soft keychain is easy to mix with impurities.

After the white material is adjusted, it should be stored in a clean environment and sealed, otherwise it will fall into other impurities and produce black spots. The limited conditions of small factories are easy to solve problems in this area. When manufacturing, the surface of the mold should be kept clean. It is best to clean the surface of the mold every time you make a mold.

3. Other issues

The material should be even, and there should be no exposed bottom or wall climbing. If it is artificial production, it is best to have professional hands to be responsible for the storage and dispensing of white materials. The accessories are made of nickel-plated key ring. Do not injure the equipment when it is installed. Long rust.

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