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Small Keychain Adds Fun To Life
Jan 17, 2019

Many companies regularly prepare some gifts in order to give back to their customers, and the keychain has become the main type of product, because it is in contact with people's daily life, and in the process of using it, every time you see it. Products can be thought of as gifts to their own businesses or friends, so it has a very good commemorative significance. Therefore, many companies and manufacturers now regularly customize the product for gift or sale.

First, advertising design

The keychain that we are most exposed to in daily life is this type of product. Generally, these manufacturers or companies are not only for giving back to customers, but also for the purpose of promoting the product by giving the keychain, so designing these When the product is not only pay attention to the aesthetic effect, but also pay attention to the design of the pendant to add product advertising information, or the contact information of the merchant, etc., so that people can also think of the company and the company when they use it.

Second, give gifts

Many business enterprises will give keychains to the participants at the end of the event, and the customization of these products needs to meet the content and theme of the event, especially some commemorative activities, when customizing the keychain Incorporating the theme into the design style, whether in selecting the material or in selecting the style design style, it is necessary to meet the activity requirements as much as possible, so the pendant design of the keychain can be combined with these contents.

Third, the style of sales

Many custom metal keychain manufacturers are for sales. When customizing, they also need to combine their own customer groups and brand style to design and customize. If the sales group is mainly students, you can use a lot of cartoon characters. If the group that is targeted is a general consumer group, you can design the brand concept with the custom keychain. In order to highlight the new idea, you can add some more personalized elements to the design of the pendant.

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