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The Difference Between Silicone Bracelet And Inferior Silicone Bracelet
Dec 24, 2018

Since the popularity of silicone bracelet jewelry, it has been sold to all kinds of consumer markets around the world. Of course, different market classes will have different quality and price distinctions. This tells the superiority and inferiority of products, so different silicone manufacturers are in the process of production and processing. The raw materials used and the production and processing techniques naturally have a certain impact. If you distinguish the quality of the products from the silicone, how do you distinguish them?

1. Inferior silicone bracelet: The fake silicone bracelet is of inferior quality and easy to break. It has very bad hand feeling and is easily deformed. However, the extruded bracelet has no deformation. It is very likely that these silicone bracelet materials have been mixed with impurities. The bracelet's hardness and elasticity lose its original function, so it will not be deformed.


2, high-quality silicone bracelet: silicone bracelet hand feels smoother, the appearance is also very good. It has a certain elasticity. If it is squeezed, it will recover if it is pulled a few times. Generally, the bracelet will be sanded or smoothed on the mold before production, so there is no layer of grease in the bracelet. If the surface of the mold is not treated, the bracelet will only be rough, not smooth. The oily substance on the net is only the mold is not treated and has the oil on the machine. For example, the bracelet has a layer of grease-like substance. The bracelet is a defective silicone product.

The high-quality silicone bracelet is resistant to extrusion, non-deformation, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, safe, green and environmentally friendly. It is not only decorative, but also has certain mosquito repellent, health care effects and more practical value.

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