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The Difference Between Thermal Transfer And Silk Screen Lanyard
Dec 16, 2018

The lanyard customization, we are most familiar with the hang on the lanyard printed on their favorite LOGO, the most common way to print LOGO is two, respectively, thermal transfer and silk screen, what is the difference between the two printing methods ?

The wire lanyard is fixed from the production process to the screen, and then the ink enters the ink at one end, and applies a certain pressure to the ink on the screen printing plate with the squeegee, while the other end of the screen printing plate moves the ink by the squeegee. The LOGO is formed by moving from the graphic portion of the screen to the substrate. Features: Silk screen lanyard is colorful, LOGO has a clear and effective LOGO feeling. However, since the ink adheres to the fabric, if the adhesion is not strong, it is easy to fall off, especially in the case of washing or scratching.

From the production process, the thermal transfer series prints the first pattern on the surface of the film and then suppresses it by high temperature. The relevant LOGO is printed on the surface of the product, and the ink layer and the surface of the product are integrated after molding. Features: The thermal transfer series prints a rich variety of colorful patterns, rich colors, constantly changing, multi-color printing, printable gradients, and improved product quality, but LOGO has no three-dimensional bumps. The difference between the two is essentially Print different technical differences, each with its own advantages, can be freely chosen according to personal preferences. The difference between thermal transfer and silk screen lanyard

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