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The Four Most Popular Fashion Keychains
Jan 07, 2019

1. Gold and silver keychain

A keychain made of gold and silver is called a gold keychain or a silver keychain. The shape has a single ring shape and a double ring shape. Some also have various patterns engraved on the keychain. The gold and silver keychain looks luxurious and rich.

2.Inlaid treasure keychain

The inlaid keychain is usually made of gold inlaid with precious stones and connected by chains. Some inlaid treasure keychains have a variety of auspicious words on the gemstones. This keychain looks noble and elegant.


3. Emerald Keychain

The jade keychain is green because of the color inherent in jade. The pattern on the keychain is generally formed by emerald. The jade keychain is noble and refined, and it is matched with the soft, elegant and light clothes of the abdominal muscles. It has a cool and comfortable feeling.

4. Strap metal keychain

The metal keychain is characterized by its lightness, sophistication and novelty. The chain has a lot of combinations and has a corrugated shape. The shape of the whip and the necklace are very similar.

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