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What Are The Benefits Of Lanyards?
Nov 22, 2018

The lanyard is a very popular one. It is very usable and can be used in various mobile phones and cameras. It is widely used: electronic U disk, bank U shield, employee badge, exhibition card, mini speaker. , mobile phones, flashlights, work cards, ballpoint pens, tags, slings. Any product that needs to be easily carried by electronic products can be used.


The benefits of the lanyard: it can hang mobile phones, cameras, MP3, U disk, toys, mobile phone wipes, whistle, etc., and can be equipped with a variety of work cards, advertising pens and so on. The surface of the lanyard (double-sided) can be screen printed (thermal transfer) corporate logo pattern (LOGO) or company name, which can play a role in promoting corporate brand and gift gifts! It is cheap and good! The effect is remarkable! It is a gift to customers or exhibition promotion. Promotion of the best!

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