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What Is The Reason For The Taste Of Silicone Gifts?
Jan 17, 2019

The smell is a taboo for silicone products, and the rubber products used in life can reach a non-toxic, environmentally friendly and tasteless material. It is also a non-silicone rubber product. The problem of the smell of daily necessities in daily-use silicone gifts has plagued many consumers and Brand business, and the smell of silicone gifts is not solved, just look at the production process of the products and the processing technology of the silicone products manufacturers!

As a kind of wearing accessories for long-term contact with human skin, silicone gift is definitely the first task for the odor problem, and the silicone gift material originally belongs to the synthetic special rubber in a large category of rubber. The odor problem is through silicone oil, silicone resin and The silica is fused and concentrated to form a silicone rubber product. It is unique in that it does not conflict with any substance and does not conflict with any substance.

The silicone gift is formed by high-temperature hydroforming. After the catalyst and several compounds in the raw material are extruded, the odor that appears after the completion of the production is mostly occupied by the glue on the catalyst. Generally, it is air-dried for 12 to 24 hours. After that, it will naturally evaporate, leaving a small amount of glue. After the natural air-drying can't be solved, it can only be removed by secondary sulfurization and baking at high temperature to remove the residual substances!


Therefore, the odor problem depends on two factors. First, whether the material of the silicone product can achieve the effect. Secondly, the vulcanizing agent of the material is a key problem. The preparation of the vulcanizing agent is also a technology. Many accessory manufacturers will modulate the vulcanizing agent, but the compounding is performed. The vulcanization agent flow curing performance is good, it is another matter, good vulcanizing agent can achieve good product fluidity, fast forming, odorless pungent phenomenon, product feel good elasticity, so look for the smell from the catalyst It is also a key point!

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